U.S. Republican Presidents Are Accomplices To Abortion!
Please President Bush... Do Your Duty and Break the Republican Curse!

By Randall A. Terry | 2004

It is long past time that we face reality: Roe vs. Wade exists today because of “pro-life” Republican presidents.

I know it is fashionable for conservative Republicans to blame Democratic Presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter for the continuance of the American Holocaust, but such partisan rhetoric betrays the undeniable facts of history.

In 1992, when the entire nation expected Roe to be flung on the ash heap of history (by means of Casey versus Planned Parenthood),  the Supreme Court shocked the world with a five to four vote upholding Roe.

Three of those five justices were appointed by Presidents Reagan and Bush (the elder). 

The majority of the Justices that defended the "constitutional right" of killing the unborn were placed on the Supreme Court by "pro-life" Republican Presidents who said they wanted to overturn Roe.  President Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor and Anthony Kennedy; President Bush picked David Souter.  These judges have blood on their hands.  The children were betrayed; we were used.

Please understand: I am a lifelong Republican.  The first vote I ever cast in my whole life was for Ronald Reagan.  One of my sons is named after President Reagan.  I do not believe his failure was the result of malice or deceit on his part.  But it was a failure nonetheless.

Perhaps the President Reagan was deceived by O’Connor; perhaps the staffs of Reagan/Bush did not do a proper ideological background check on the nominees; perhaps they did not ask direct questions about overturning Roe; perhaps President Bush simply did not care enough to be courageous and principled on defending innocent life.

But this much is certain: Presidents Reagan and Bush had an ethical duty to God, a moral duty to the unborn, and a political duty to those who elected them to appoint judges who would overturn Roe…and they failed miserably.

Meanwhile the pro-life movement continues its support of “pro-life” Republican Presidents.  We labor, we sacrifice, we get like-minded friends to register and vote. The polling data suggests that “the religious right” (diehard pro-lifers) is why President Bush won a second term.

We have been patient and faithful. But we have grown weary of being used, and tired of hearing empty rhetoric.

We are tired of the pro-life movement being used as a workhorse during elections, and then locked in a stable and ignored after victory is won.  We are tired of being told that the mood of the country is not yet right to overturn Roe.  We are tired of the pro-life “issue” being brought out and traded around like a cheap political whore during campaigns; bought, used, and then discarded after the thrill of the election is over. 

We are tired of cowards leading a retreat. And perhaps most of all, we are tired of being betrayed by “pro-life” Republican administrations.

President Bush:  You have a duty to God Almighty to uphold the Commandment: You Shall Not Murder. You have a duty to protect innocent unborn children from being dismembered and then disposed in dumpsters.  You have a political obligation to those who brought you to office to honor your pro-life rhetoric with decisive pro-life actions.

Mr. President, you and your advisers must ask every single possible appointee to the Supreme Court without flinching whether or not they will vote to overturn Roe.  Do not settle for code language with a wink and a nod.  That’s how your father and President Reagan were duped. If the potential jurist will not commit to overturn Roe, then he is unfit for the bench, and should immediately be dismissed from consideration as a member of the Supreme Court.  No exceptions, no apologies.

For those “pro-lifers” who call for retreat and surrender; for those who whine about "current political realities," or Democratic filibusters, or how a battle over a pro-life judge will play out in the media, I ask you this: if your life was about to be snuffed out, or if your child was about to have their arms and legs ripped off, what would you want a President to do on your behalf?  Surrender or fight?

If you are afraid of the mud and blood of political battle, then leave the theater of war; but do not try to get the rest of us to lick the hands that shed innocent blood. Be silent and depart from us: we do not need the cowardly castrating the strong. Furthermore, if we have a one or two-year fight over pro-life nominees to the Court, it could be the best thing that happened to the pro-life cause in 10 years.  Moral and biological truth is on our side. The ways are endless in which such a fight would advance our cause.

If President Bush rises to the occasion, history will remember him in the same light that it remembers Abraham Lincoln; a champion of the oppressed.  If he fails in this critical hour, he will be remembered as just another Republican president who used pro-life rhetoric to help himself get elected, but once in office he looked the other way while the lives of over 3000 American babies were snuffed out every single day of his presidency.

It is long past time that we face reality: Roe vs. Wade exists today because of “pro-life” Republican presidents.

(Permission granted to reprint this, or I encourage you to use these themes to create your own letter to the editor for your local newspaper. Randall A. Terry 3501-B Ponce de Leon Blvd, St. Augustine FL, 32084 www.trueandjust.com)

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The Grand Democrat & Republican Illusion

By David J. Stewart | August 2013

Psalms 36:1, “The transgression of the wicked saith within my heart, that there is no fear of God before his eyes.”

       President George W. Bush supported abortion throughout his 8-year term in office between 2000-2008 and gave more money to pro-abortion (pro-death) groups like Planned Parenthood than all other U.S. Presidents combined. The sad truth is that every U.S. President, whether Democrat or Republican, has generously funded pro-abortion groups since Roe vs. Wade in 1973. Despite personal convictions expressed during their campaign-run for office, every Republican president has given BILLIONS of taxpayer dollars to fund the brutal murdering of children by abortion! If the truth be known, Republicans and Democrats alike are LIARS, LIARS, LIARS!

If the truth be known, both Democrat and Republican are simply two separate legs walking in the SAME direction of a New World Order (NWO). At the highest levels of the food chain, there's not a dime's difference between the two political platforms. It's a paradigm of total fraud. Since the first election in 1776, we've only had a two party political system in America. In China they only have one political party, but there's two opposing factions within the one party. Whether we realize it or not, that's pretty much exactly what we have here at home in the United States.

George W. Bush's Partial-Birth Abortion Ban was a total sham, only prohibiting abortion if the baby was already half out of the womb. What a murdering, lying, treasonous, contemptible, selfish, hypocritical, perverted, Godless and wicked man!!! President Barack Obama has been U.S. President since 2008 and continues to give billions-of-dollars to the destruction of human life by abortion! In fact, according to their annual report, Planned Parenthood Set A Record For Abortions And Government Funding Last Year in 2012.

One of the first things that Mr. Obama did as U.S. President in January of 2009 was reverse a previous ban on funding international abortions with U.S. taxpayer money. Isn't that sickening? Your taxes and mine are paying for abortions around the world. One thing that you need to learn is that all U.S. Presidents and their administrations are fall guys, someone to blame, puppets of the secret powers behind Washington D.C. politics! With all the blatant treason during the George W. Bush administration (including the inside job of the 911 World Trade Tower attacks, and the subsequent illegal war in Iraq and invasion of Afghanistan), the establishment secret powers blamed it all on faulty intelligence data. Vice President Dick Cheney wrote his own autobiography, making lame excuses to white wash their criminal acts leading up to the 911 attacks, on 911, and the plethora of criminal acts following 911.

Did you know that worldwide, there have been 1,700,000,000 abortions over the past 40-years!!! Woe unto the wicked world. Isaiah 13:11, “And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.”


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