People in India Worship a Potato!

Pilgrims flock to 'divine potato'

'Ganesha' potato is worshipped

Pilgrims are flocking to a house in Bombay where they believe that Elephant headed Hindu Lord Ganesha has appeared in the shape of a potato.

The potato is said to be shaped like the Lord Ganesha and people are offering money and gifts to seek the blessing of the "divine vegetable."

The vegetable was grown in Uttar Pradesh and bought by Najmuddin Alibhai Jessani, a fruit and vegetable exporter.

It was about to be eaten by the family, when Mr. Jessani's sister-in-law noticed the resemblance to Lord Ganesha. The potato's fame spread after it was featured in local newspapers.

The main living room of the family home has been turned into a shrine to the potato.

Around 60 or 70 people a day are visiting the shrine to leave gifts of marigolds and money. It's understood that the money will be given to a religious charity.

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