BJU's Active Campaign Against The 1611 KJV

by David J. Stewart

       Bob Jones University (BJU) claims to be "The Fortress of Faith," a citadel of Biblical fundamentalism. We think it strange then that BJU is maintaining an active campaign against the KJV 1611. Consider the following transcribed advertisement that BJU included at the end of their Chapel Echoes program for August 19, 1995 (this advertisement was aired several times during July and August, 1995):

“In a day when Christian leaders and followers are doing what is right in their own eyes, the authority of the Word of God should be the emphasis in churches. However, many good men have focused their concern over translations of the Word of God, and have forced divisions over relatively unimportant differences between several good translations of the Bible. In the booklet ‘What Is The Inspired Word Of God?: Dr. Edward Panosian, chairman of the Division of Church History at Bob Jones University, discusses the textual debate, and warns against the assumption that any version is specially inspired. If you have questions about this issue, you’ll want to send for your free copy of ‘What Is The Inspired Word Of God?’ Write to Chapel Echoes, Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC 29614.”

After reading the booklet by Panosian and the argument that he presents, it is the firm conviction of this writer that BJU is clearly outside of the AV 1611 position. The other so-called “good translations” to which Panosian refers are built upon the corrupt Westcott-Hort text. In the mind of BJU and company, those of us who hold to the AV 1611 and the manuscripts upon which it is built are the ones who are causing divisions among God’s people, and BJU clearly disapproves of this. BJU has compromised their position, and they are attacking ours. It is the firm conviction of this writer that BJU is “building bridges” with regards to Bible translations in much the same manner as Tim Lee is “building bridges” with the Southern Baptist Convention.

My friend, God gave us the inspired and preserved King James Bible. Those 53 men (47 did the actual work of translating) were all Greek and Hebrew scholars. I am leery of individual Bible scholars today who are always correcting the King James Bible. I've been saved for over 30-years and have never used any Bible but the precious King James Bible. I have memorized hundreds of Scriptures, which are precious to my soul. The Devil likes to keep changing the Bible versions, to confuse everyone. The Bible all say different things.

Thankfully, God has made it easy for us to discern the truth for those who want it. The truth is this... ALL modern Bible versions come from the Greek of heretics Westcott and Hort. This is known as the Alexandrian manuscripts. Our beloved King James Bible is the ONLY Bible on the market which comes from a DIFFERENT Greek source, which is commonly referred to as the “Textus Receptus” (or the received text). The King James translators reject the Apocrypha (the Catholic Bible includes it) because they didn't recognize it as being inspired from God. The manuscripts which were accepted are the 66 awesome books of the King James Bible.

Run away from any Bible college that doesn't believe that the King James Bible is INSPIRED. Ask them, do you believe that the King James Bible is inspired Word-for-Word? If they don't, then everything that they believe has a shaky and unsure foundation. Jesus Christ is called the Word of God in Revelation 19:13 and John 1:1-3,14. Thus, if you're confused on the Bible then you're confused on Jesus!!!

The King James Bible Defended

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