Make Some Noise!

By David J. Stewart

It was the popular, but heathen, black leader Malcolm X who said...

       That's pretty good advice for America's churches today!  Put another way, America's greatest preacher, Pastor Jack Hyles, said... "AMERICA NEEDS VOICES!" We need to MAKE SOME NOISE! Homosexuals have made quite a bit of noise over the past 30 years, and today they've not only come out of the closet, but are parading their wickedness up and down America's streets, and into our children's classrooms. Malcolm X taught black American's to cry aloud and be relentless in their demands for equality and justice. 

As a result, African Americans today have a strong voice in government, and far more justice! In 2006, I saw 300 angry Muslims rioting, smashing out windows, and completely destroying a new Playboy office in Indonesia. It made my day! I couldn't help but wonder what America would be like today, if Christians had reacted the same way back in 1953 when pervert, Hugh Hefner, first opened the doors of Playboy. It is tragic that unsaved Muslims, who don't know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, actually have more morality than most born again Christians in the world. Weren't there 300 Christians in the United States in 1953 that loved the Lord enough to take a stand against pornography? America's churches are eerily silent today.

Malcolm-X has come to symbolize power, solidarity and self-empowerment, within the Black community.  As we enter this new millennium, it becomes more compelling to understand the agents of change, which have shaped the thoughts of Black people, or people who classify themselves as Black, their rhetorical base and their collective actions, within the confines of Western culture.  "X" has come to signify one man's words and ideals.

It is important that Malcolm X's concepts and ideas of group empowerment, rebellion against injustice and the ultimate refusal to assimilate, not be overshadowed by commercial exploitation and other romantic notions of Malcolm-X. -

Malcolm X makes a whole lot more sense in his approach, than much of the sissy-britches, compromising, garbage that I am reading and hearing from America's preachers today! One preacher, who, if I mentioned his name nearly every Christian in America would recognize him, teaches that Christians should never criticize government. I address his foolish teachings in an article I wrote called, Biblical Submission to Government

It is tragic that America's preachers believe it is God's will for them to put their head in the sand, and remain silent about the blatant criminal acts being committed by our government's highest leaders. If you think George W. Bush is a man of God, you are either a total fool or an extremely ignorant person. By far, most of America's conservative preachers have been brainwashed with Zionism, and have fallen hook, line, and sinker for the lying propaganda being generated by the illuminati/corporate controlled newsmedia. 

All recent Republican presidents have been members of the occult (i.e., Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, or Freemasonry). Not one Republican president has done anything about abortion. The "Partial Birth Abortion Bill" which George W. Bush passed was a hoax, a big smokescreen. The Bush administration has funded over $1,500,000,000 to Planned Parenthood (the largest abortion services provider in America!). 

Yet, America's pastors have rallied behind President Bush, thinking they are doing a wonderful thing. In reality, they have become apostate and don't even realize it. Why would any professed man of God support a President that is a member of Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove? America's preachers have turned away from the Lord, and are instead following the popular consensus amongst their own brethren. America's preachers need to come out from amongst their own camp, and take a stand ALONE as John the Baptist did in the wilderness. John was "a voice"--singular. Daniel was alone in the lion's den. Jeremiah was alone in the miry pit of clay, which king Zedekiah threw him in. 

David was alone when he stood before Goliath. The time is now for America's Christians to stand for justice and righteousness, even it it means ALONE! All across America, churches needs to reach out to their local community with the truth. It is our LEGAL 1st Amendment RIGHT! The early Christians in the book of Acts didn't have a big building. They didn't have air-conditioning, padded pews, or fancy lighting; BUT, they took the truth into the streets, and it made people angry. Their message made a difference. It's time for America's pastors to move out of their "comfort zone" and take a stand!

Please understand that I am not advocating for anyone to do anything illegal or stupid. All I am saying is that Malcolm X has successfully taught America's blacks how to get equality and justice... by MAKING SOME NOISE! Now, that's the best message I've heard for America's churches today... MAKE SOME NOISE! I realize that some sanctimonious Christian is going to toss 2nd Chronicles 7:14 in my face... "If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

IF America's Christians would humble themselves, pray, and walk with God--then our hearts would burn with anger over the sinfulness of our nation, and we would rise up as Psalm 94:16 commands, and MAKE SOME NOISE concerning the evils destroying America. Hebrews 1:9 tells us that Jesus HATED iniquity, and so should we as His disciples. In John 2:15, Jesus became angry over sin... "And when he had made a scourge of small cords, he drove them all out of the temple, and the sheep, and the oxen; and poured out the changers' money, and overthrew the tables.

Now, that's our Lord, flipping over tables in violent anger, because of sin in the house of God. How does this compare to America's sissy preachers today, in their pink Ralph Lauren neck ties, fancy pants, and Shirley Temple style haircuts? It's a disgrace. It was Catherine Booth, wife of Salvation Army founder General William Booth, who said... "If we are to better the future, we must disturb the present." Is your church disturbing anyone?

A popular Malcolm X poster

I am not endorsing Malcolm X, not at all. Malcolm X was an unsaved heretic, who has led millions of blacks into the damnable false religion of Islam, which denies Jesus Christ. 1st John 2:22 calls Malcolm X a LIAR and an ANTICHRIST.  However, I admire Malcolm X, as I do anyone, who has the guts to stand up for what he believes is right. I have more respect for a homosexual who is willing to fight for his right to sin, than I do for a lackadaisical Christian who claims to love Jesus, but never takes a public stand for anything. 

Malcolm X was a religious heretic, but he was also REAL. Many blacks love Malcolm X, because he is still A VOICE heard today, which they can rally behind, and identify with. Would to God that America's born-again Christians would start MAKING SOME NOISE of their own. Tragically, Malcolm X was a Christ-rejecter, and is burning in Hellfire this moment (2nd Thessalonians 1:8,9). I say this with great sadness.

Dr. Jack Hyles often made the statement... "Every man is my teacher." There's something we can learn from everyone.  I hope and pray that enough of America's Christians will learn a valuable, and much needed, lesson from Malcolm X...